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Course curriculum

  • 2

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  • 3

    Chapter 1 - Number Concepts and Operations

  • 4

    Chapter 2 - Fractions and Decimals

  • 5

    Chapter 3 - Time and Measures

    • Constructing Different Rectangles with the Same Perimeter

    • Constructing Different Rectangles with the Same Area

    • Solving Word Problems Involving Rectangles

    • Converting Between Units of Length (mm, cm, and m)

    • Finding Volume of Rectangular Prisms

    • Converting Between mL and L

    • Solving Word Problems Involving Volume and Capacity

    • Let us know what you think of Chapter 3

  • 6

    Chapter 4 - Lines, Shapes, and Objects

    • Characterizing 2-D Shapes

    • Characterizing 3-D Objects

    • Sorting Quadrilaterals

    • Understanding Transformations: Translations

    • Understanding Transformations: Rotations

    • Understanding Transformations: Reflections

    • Let us know what you think of Chapter 4

  • 7

    Chapter 5 - Patterns

    • Describing Rules in Patterns

    • Determining the Next Term

    • Writing Mathematical Expressions as Patterns

    • Understanding Patterns in Tables and Charts

    • Solving Word Problems Involving Patterns

    • Let us know what you think of Chapter 5

  • 8

    Chapter 6 - Variables and Equations

    • Understanding Placeholders

    • Understanding Mathematical and Word Sentences

    • Using Variables as Placeholders

    • Solving One-Step Equations Involving Addition and Subtraction

    • Solving One-Step Equations Involving Multiplication

    • Solving Word Problems Involving One-Step Equations

    • Developing Word Problems from Equations

    • Let us know what you think of Chapter 6

  • 9

    Chapter 7 - Data and Probability

    • Understanding Double Bar Graphs

    • Let us know what you think of Chapter 7